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1.  Feb 2014: State of the pipi beds in Ngunguru estuary

All respondents felt that the size of the pipi beds had reduced, as had the size of the pipis.
All respondents picked pipis there occasionally or regularly.
Solutions proposed: lower the quota: more marine officers to police people getting bucketfuls, emptying them into their vehicle, then going back for more; or getting rid of sediment in the estuary.

2. Mar 2014: TCR&R proposal for cycleway/walkway from Ngunguru to Whangarei

Overwhelming positive response to the proposal, with just one against.  Reasons against: because the road is not suitable, and the costs to ratepayers disproportionate to any benefits.  Reasons for supporting the proposal: will bring tourists; the more off road places to exercise the better, including for horseriders; good to give people access to enjoy our beautiful place; fitness and safety from passing traffic; enjoy hiking and cycling so would use the track; another motivation to maintain a good level of fitness; would take visitors to use it; will give an opportunity to enhance the environment thru removing weeds; makes our native bush more accessible; Te Araroa walkers would use it instead of the difficult road walk from Ngunguru to Ngunguru Ford Rd; have cycled this route as part of the "Last Chance Bike Ride" which used to be held on New Years Eve weekend thru Glenbervie Forest finishing at Ngunguru, and would like that reinstated; will attract more tourists, like the Otago Rail Trail; gives us somewhere safe to cycle with kids; would use it to get to work.

Further comments: Horseriders need to be included; this is an example of providing for eco-tourists; extend it all the way to Tutukaka; could also be linked to a kayak venture from Scows Landing to Ngunguru, with coffee cart and food at Scows Landing; would put Ngunguru in the limelight, when it tends to get forgotten as part of the Tutukaka Coast; would stimulate bike hire business and other active pursuits; would like to see it continued to Sandy Bay so people could walk/cycle between the beaches.

3.  April 2014: Civil Defence - tsunami sirens

71% of respondents who were home at the time the tsunami siren was tested were able to hear the siren.
All but one of the respondents knew a safe place to go if a tsunami was heading their way.

4.  May 2014: Removal of rubbish bins proposal by WDC

40% against the removal; 40% for the removal: 20% wanting to wait for the outcome of the trial

5.  June 2014: Do you support Kiwi Coast?

83% of respondents had heard of Kiwi Coast.
Potential benefits: increase kiwi numbers; more tourism; drawcard for international and national tourists; huge conservation values; increased community involvement and awareness in the environment.
Potential negatives: what about our cats and dogs?
50% of respondents thought they had heard kiwi in their area.

6.  July 2014: Feedback on Ngunguru Waterfront Enhancement Plan
100% positive response, with some reservations e.g. road layout needs to incorporate more parking areas; prefer grass rather than plantings.

7.  August 2014: Feedback on 2014 Tutukaka Coast Winter Festival
100% of respondents were aware the festival was on.
60% of respondents got involved in some of the activities.
100% of respondents positive about the festival and want it repeated next year.  Comments made were that it brought the community together, was wonderful to have during the bleak winter months, with one commenting that fliers detailing the events should have gone out to residents.

8.  September 2014: Re apparent reduced fish stocks on the Coast

All bar one respondent felt that fish numbers had reduced, with reasons given: too much commercial fishing pressure; bottom trawling; improved technology making it easier for all fishers to find fish; reduced habitat for reproduction; wasteful commercial fishing techniques; recreational fishers targeting trophy breeding stock; too many people.  Trawling and commercial fishing were named the most often.  The one respondent who disagreed that fish numbers had reduced said that fishing is better than it has ever been.

With regards to whether or not recreational fishers had to take some blame for reduced fish stocks, most agreed that was true, and comments were: recreational fishers were to blame for the decimation of shellfish; fishing has become more popular; ignorance of recreational fishers was a problem; lots of new technology now available to rec fishers.

Solutions suggested by respondents: ban commercial fishing within 10km of coast; prevent commercial fishing within 5 nautical miles of coast; establish pockets of breeding sites; increase size limit for commercial catch to 300m for snapper and penalise commercial fishers for waste; marine reserves; increased regulation; stop net fishing completely; ban trawling and ban trophy fishing; fewer fishing competitions; get trawl fishing out the 100m mark at least; have a marine park from Cape Brett to Bream Head with reduced cath for recreational fishers and no take for commercial.  The respondent who said there was no problem with fishing on the Coast said recreational limits should be "12 snapper per boat up to 2 people then up the limit per person".  They also said they thought the questionnaire was put forward by Dive Tutukaka, however the Editor of Focus magazine can verify that this is not the case.

9.  October 2014: Re wilding pines

73% of respondents said that wilding pines were a problem where they lived - listed as "along road verges", Motel Road, on the cliff above Whale Bay, Tutukaka Harbour cliffs, Kaiatea Rd.  Generally, respondents wanted the problem tackled as soon as possible, and landowners given the wherewithall to rid their properties of the wilding pines.  Whilst some said they had tried to contact NRC and plantation owners and had received a poor response, others were keen to just get in there and poison the trees, with the assistance of landowners, WDC, NRC and DOC.

January 2015: Re first summer without rubbish bins on the Coast

58% of respondents said they had noticed a positive difference in the amount of litter left on beaches.
However, 67% of respondents had noticed rubbish being dumped in other places.
Overall, 50% felt removing the bins had been a bad idea, 8% were undecided, and 42% thought it had been a good idea.

March 2015: Re 50km speed zones on the Coast

The majority of respondents felt that people do not adhere to the 50km speed limit through Ngunguru.
Respondents identified the following areas where adherence to the speed limit is particularly bad:

  • From refuse station to Ngunguru
  • Outside Pipis/ Haven Place
  • Tutukaka Block Road
  • Road outside Tutukaka Store
  • Both ends of Ngunguru, where the speed limit changes
  • Solutions: Respondents suggested rumble strips or speed bumps; better placed speed cameras
  • March 2015: Roadside Littering - is it a problem?
  • 64% of respondents felt roadside littering was a problem, and throughout the Coast.
    The majority of respondents had removed roadside and beach litter.
  • Solutions: put the bins back at the beaches; give Rongo his job back and pay him for it; have bins emptied by locals so it is done often; get people on work schemes to clean up the beaches and roadside.
  • May 2015: Parking on the Tutukaka Green
  • 96% of respondents felt that the Green was a community asset, and 92% felt that parking on the Green was a problem.
  • 81% of respondents were in favour of a land swap, 9.4% not sure, and 9.4% against.
  • October 2015: Proposal to reduce speed limit from Tongatu Rd Refuse Station entry to Ngunguru
  •  89% of respondents favoured reducing the speed limit to 80kmh.
  • March 2016: Life on the Coast during the summer
  • Only one respondent needed to call the police over Christmas/New Year, and their response was timely.
    Car parking issues were observed at Kowharewa Bay, Ngunguru especially by the shops, and Whale Bay.



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