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19 July 2014: Proposed Single Toilet at Whale Tail Park - now in place
In 2011, we were approached by local residents concerned that little children playing at our wonderful local asset, Whale Tail Park, had nowhere to go "when nature called".  As any parent will know, a small child does not have a lot of warning that they need to go to the bathroom, and the other public toilets are too far away to get to in time.  Likewise, if a parent or grandparent needs the bathroom, it means taking all the children away from the park, not an easy feat with littlies.  And the upshot of not having a bathroom at the Park, was that children were regularly going to the bathroom in the bushes backing onto surrounding properties, creating a health risk.

So in July 2014 we were delighted to hear that the council had started the planning process for a single toilet at Whale Tail Park.  One neighbouring resident was opposed to having a toilet at Whale Tail Park, but TCR&R has canvassed 10 of the 14 properties overlooking or adjoining the Park ( the rest were unavailable as they reside elsewhere), and those property owners have all given their conditional approval to a single toilet at Whale Tail Park.  We told the property owners that TCR&R had asked the WDC for a single booth toilet and showed them a WDC plan of several places where it could be sited.  They were then asked if they:

a) Approved
b) Conditionally approved
c) Opposed

All ten approved or conditionally approved of the toilet.  Most wanted the toilet to be sited either near the western fence where the old flame tree was cut down, or next to the western boundary of the playground.  The property owners also made us aware of how bad the existing problem was, with kids urinating and defecating on the grass and in the plants next to the fence.

We have passed the details back to the WDC, and Adam Twose from WDC plans to come to our August meeting with design ideas for the toilet.  We are lucky to have a Council who work to make toilets fit in with the neighbouring area ( think of the new toilets at Mander Park, and then compare those with the ones at the Pohe Island Skate Park).  A possibility is the design below, with a whale tail on the roof (which was just a quick sketch for our July meeting).  Do come along to our August meeting and be part of the process.

Whale Tail Park toilet design idea

TCR&R Submissions to Council

Each year, TCR&R makes submissions to the WDC and NRC various plans.
Click on the links below to read the submission to the Whangarei District Plan 2014-15.

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Document icon  Ngunguru Waterfront Enhancement Document

Photo iconNgunguru Waterfront Enhancement Plan

Document icon Ngunguru to Whangarei Cycleway/Walkway Proposal

Photo icon Ngunguru to Whangarei Cycleway Map

Document iconSubmission to Plan Changes 85 to 87









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